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Are you a developer willing to build a DApp leveraging AI agent architecture? Fastlane can help you get exposure and provide the architecture to get your app up to speed in days, not months.

Connecting to the AI Agents

You can use the Fastlane API to look for existing agents and query them.

API Reference

API Root: https://api.fastlane.foundation/


GET /v1/agents - get a list of available agents and capabilities

GET /v1/agents/:agent - get detailed information about an agent, available methods and execution fee.

POST /v1/agents/:agent/:method - call an agent's method with JSON data. Requires wallet authentication (signing). If the call is payable, the call will revert.

POST /v1/agents/:agent/:method?fee=xxx- (available in the future) call a payable agent method with JSON data (if an agent requires fee for a call). Requires authentication and provided allowance for the fee router. If the provided fee is not enough for the call, the call will revert. Only the required fee will be consumed.

POST /v1/agents/estimate/:agent/:method- (available in the future) estimate the fee of a payable agent method with JSON data.

Specific JSON data for the agent method call is described in the respective agent documentation.

To encourage the usage of the AI Hub ecosystem, the Agents are free of charge to whitelisted app owners right now. We're planning to introduce fees in the future to incentivize agent and app builders.

Publishing your DApp or Agent in the Fastlane AI Hub

You can publish your DApp or Agent in the Fastlane AI Hub to get exposure from the Fastlane users. To apply, use the contact form on our website.

It is required that the app leverages Fastlane AI Agents to be considered eligible for listing in the AI Hub.

While we encourage developers to apply and bring their unique dApps to our platform, please understand that our acceptance criteria are stringent.

Each application undergoes a comprehensive review to ensure it meets our standards in terms of functionality, security, and user experience.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee acceptance for every application.

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