🤖Why AI Agents?

AI Agents, viewed as the next evolutionary step after smart contracts, represent a significant advancement in blockchain and decentralized technology.

While smart contracts automate tasks based on predefined rules, AI Agents bring a level of intelligence and adaptability that goes far beyond the capabilities of smart contracts.

On the other hand, AI Agents can act entirely autonomously.

Smart Contracts

  • can only be called by an EOA (directly or indirectly); can't operate autonomously

  • access only limited information available on the chain storage

  • have limited execution resources

  • feature static execution logic; can't learn and improve over time

AI Agents: The Evolution

  • work autonomously, all the time if required, or called on demand

  • easily adapt to changing market conditions, triggering actions

  • can communicate with other AI Agents or call smart contracts' logic

  • can act on behalf of the user within an authorization scope (approvals) - just like smart contracts

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